DSC0001-1024x685The Epangelo Mining Company is a private company with the Government of the Republic of Namibia as the sole Shareholder. The company was registered on 8 July 2008 and is run by a Board of Directors and an Executive Management team, headed by a Managing Director. The company secretary is Etuna Josua while the company’s auditors are Ernest and Young.

The Epangelo Mining Company’s main objective is to be a local or regional leader in the resources industry. The company has access to financial instruments such as loan financing, shareholder capital injection. It is thus starting with a financially sound cash flow statement and balance sheet. Epangelo Mining further has access to local and/or regional capital markets as well as a sound basis for growth opportunities, to ensure that is is the largest diversified natural resources company locally.

Epangelo strives to distinguish itself from other resources companies via the combination of the quality of our assets which we shall attain, the expanded view of growth projects, our diversification across the country, commodities and markets. Pursuant to our vision, our objective to be a premier local, regional and global company, we shall aggressively pursue our goals to ensure we occupy a significant position in major commodity businesses, inclusive of uranium, diamonds, copper, gold and various precious metals.

The core tenet of the Epangelo Mining Company’s business model is that its future diversified portfolio of high quality assets is on, in which we are confident would provide stable cash flows and an enhanced capacity to facilitate growth of the company in the national interest.

The headquarters of Epangelo Mining Company is currently 2nd Floor, Mutual Platz Building, Post Street Mall, Windhoek.



To be the leading, diversified mining company in Namibia.

Mission Statement:

To ensure national participation in the discovery, exploitation and beneficiation of Namibia’s mineral resources whilst developing and consolidating a portfolio of high quality assets and
services for the benefit of its stakeholders.



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